Can I write my children out of my will?

At the Law Office of Scott M. Schweiger, we have helped dozens of clients with the most complex estate planning issues. One question that clients are often afraid to ask is whether or not their children can be written out of their will.

The short answer: yes.

We understand that the distribution of your assets is a very personal matter. Regardless of the situation, no one can tell you who should or should not receive an inheritance. While there are emotional arguments for either side, legally, you are permitted to omit your children from your will. Even so, we recommend that specific steps be taken to ensure that your intentions are clear.

If there is any ambiguity about your will, it is likely to be contested. This can result in a great deal of time lost, as well as a financial burden for the intended recipients in your will. One way to reduce this likelihood is to leave someone one dollar, instead of nothing at all. This makes it clear that you understand the extent of your estate and the heirs of your estate.

There are, of course, other safeguards to ensure your wishes are carried out posthumously. To ensure your will is legally binding, contact us today or call 513-489-0881. Have a question about estate planning or wills? There’s no question we haven’t heard.