Car Accident Defense Lawyer

If your attorney cannot settle your case, he may have to file suit. When suit is filed a car accident defense lawyer will be answering the complaint. Along with the answer, the car accident defense lawyer will submit a series of interrogatories and requests for production of documents that you will have to answer. It is important that your attorney understands the nature of this discovery. Your attorney should do everything possible to limit your responses which will be given to the car accident defense lawyer.

At some point in the suit, a car accident defense attorney will want to take your deposition. Your attorney should prepare you for this deposition by encouraging you to keep a journal. In this journal you will note your doctor appointments as well as your pain and suffering from day to day.

The car accident defense attorney will question you as to every health professional or provider you have seen as a result of the car accident. For this reason, it is important that you know who you have seen and how the accident has affected you. You must make the car accident defense attorney aware of all the problems the accident has caused you and or your family.

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