Misdemeanor Attorney

Criminal offenses are divided into two classes. There are misdemeanor offenses and there are felony offenses.

A misdemeanor criminal attorney should make every effort to make sure that his client’s offenses can be reduced to misdemeanor offenses. Misdemeanor offenses include everything from drunk driving to assault, forgery and theft.

A criminal misdemeanor attorney can advise the client that most misdemeanor offenses can be expunged and sealed within one year of total discharge of the offense. There are some misdemeanor offenses which cannot be expunged which include an OVI or drunk driving and any offenses involving assault or sexual offenses. A misdemeanor attorney should explain to the client that expungement can be granted one year after total discharge. This means that all fines and probation have been paid and completed before expungement can be granted.

The misdemeanor attorney will then file a motion for expungement that will go before the sentencing judge and the misdemeanor attorney will argue against the prosecution that it is in the best interest of the client to grant the motion to expunge.

A misdemeanor attorney can file motions to suppress as well as other motions that (if granted) will be able to reduce a felony offense to a misdemeanor offense. If you have any questions regarding any misdemeanor offenses, the attorneys at Schweiger law offices will provide free consultations.

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