Contested Divorce Lawyer

Providing experienced contested divorce representation

A Contested divorce is going be very difficult because there are many emotions involved, however just because your wife tells you that you must leave the house you do not have to leave, as the house belongs to you as well. We further advise clients to videotape all the contents of the house on their phone or otherwise in order to make a record so that things don’t begin to disappear.

Whether you were going to leave or not, make sure that you gather all the financial records and location of assets that you can ascertain before you leave the residence (including tax returns). It will be immensely helpful to your attorney in the event of a contested divorce.

Courts primarily divide assets and decide custody of children. It is a rule of thumb that whatever has been gained during the marriage is divided equally. The only thing that remains out of that division are inheritance or personal injury claims that affect only one party.
Remember that if your spouse makes considerably more money than you and you have stayed home taking care of the children you may be entitled to spousal support.

Contact our office to make sure that you get everything you are entitled to if you must file a contested divorce.