Parental Rights Attorney

As a parental rights attorney, I always advise my clients to establish paternity as soon as possible with the juvenile court in their county, if the parties are not married. Visitation rights cannot be granted until paternity has been established. A parental rights attorney should advise the client that establishing paternity is only the first step in the process of obtaining visitation rights. A parental rights attorney should also advise the client that support and visitation do not depend upon one another.

A good parental rights attorney will advise the client to establish paternity and then file a motion with the court to establish visitation rights. It is only in this manner that the client can obtain a court ordered guideline for visitation that cannot be denied by the other parent. After the court grants the visitation order the other parent must allow the visitation.

A parental rights attorney can help the client maintain that visitation schedule by advising the client that there is the option of a contempt proceeding if the other parent is denying the client the visitation schedule which has been granted. At the law offices of Scott M. Schweiger, we deal extensively with visitation rights as parental rights attorneys. If you feel that your visitation rights are being denied please contact our offices. All consultations are free.