Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be extremely expensive. Typical rates for divorce attorneys range from $300-$500 per hour for a contested divorce. If, however, the parties can agree on how to split up their assets and determine the custodial arrangements, if children are involved, an uncontested divorce can be filed.

It is strictly prohibited for an uncontested divorce attorney to represent both parties in an uncontested divorce. It is possible, however, for an uncontested divorce attorney to work with both parties, filling out all of the forms, drafting the decree and other documents, in order for the uncontested divorce attorney to file the case. The uncontested divorce attorney must state that he or she represents only one of the parties and that the other party has been advised to seek independent counsel for review.

In a contested divorce involving children and significant assets, it is not uncommon for each side to spend $20,000 on attorney fees. An uncontested divorce attorney can play a major role in clients lives by saving the parties enormous amounts of money, if they can reach an agreement.

As an uncontested divorce attorney, Scott M. Schweiger has worked with hundreds of couples, over 34 years of practice, helping people to obtain a divorce at a fraction of the cost of a contested case.

If you feel that your situation can be amicably resolved call our offices for a free consultation. As uncontested divorce attorneys, we are happy to help save you the enormous cost of a contested case.