Finding a Lawyer: What are the Things to Look for?

“True, we (lawyers) build no bridges. We raise no towers, we construct no engines. We paint no pictures… There is little of all that we do which the eye of man can see, but we smooth out difficulties, we relieve stress, we correct mistakes, we take up other men’s burdens and by our efforts we make possible the peaceful life of men in a peaceful state”

—John W. Davis

So true. Lawyers are one of the least credited professionals in our society, even as they contribute some of the highest form of service to the society. Be it divorce, bankruptcy, criminal cases, death or injury, etc., they help their clients get through it with ease.
However, not all lawyers are alike, or proficient and skilled in their profession. Hence, it is important to do your research before opting for a lawyer. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a lawyer:

Portfolio and reputation

This should be the foremost thing to look for in a lawyer. It is important to ask the lawyer about their qualifications, clientele, and the cases they have fought, plus how many of them they have won. Study the reviews that other people have given. It is not necessary that you hear it from the person you’re hiring; you can approach the client on your own and ask them first hand so that they’ll be able to provide you a more elaborate description of what you might be looking for.

Clarity and trust-worthiness

With doctors and lawyers, you’re entrusting your life and well-being to them, in most cases. Giving someone such a huge responsibility calls for you to have faith in them. This is usually built by the way the lawyer communicates with you. If he provides you clear explanations on every issue like his costs, the details of your case and his plans on how to proceed with it then these are clear signs that the person is worth banking on. If at any point, you feel like the statements are going haywire or that they have a whiff of confusion, you might have to go back to step one in your search.

Strong communication skills

Unless a lawyer is capable of clearly expressing and arguing your case, you will lose it. Hence, another thing you should consider while talking to a lawyer is how their communication style. It is easy to judge if a person is an effective communicator or not. If they can put their point of view clearly before you, there is a high probability that they’ll be able to do it effectively in front of the jury. This could make the difference between winning and losing a case.

Law is a profession that requires comprehensive studies and understanding of the rules and regulations that have been laid out. It is not something that an individual can do on their own, quite similarly like the way they can’t perform a surgery on their own. It is therefore necessary to do thorough fact finding before giving someone to fight the battle of your life for you. Having a strong rapport combined with effective communication skills can help you get to an effective conclusion.


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