Finding the Best Divorce Attorney to Represent You

While no one likes to think of a marriage ending, half of all marital unions end in divorce. As anyone who has been through it can attest, the end of a relationship can be just as emotional as the beginning, which puts us at risk for making bad decisions. You can improve your chances of the best possible outcome by choosing a divorce attorney who can represent you well in the proceedings.

When looking for a good divorce attorney, be sure to consider these points:

1. How much experience does the attorney have?

Ideally the attorney you choose would have a minimum of several years of experience with divorce proceedings. As with any skill, experience will allow your attorney to more accurately predict outcomes, prepare for case more thoroughly, and be able to offer you better advice in every circumstance.

2. Check the reviews of the law firm or the attorney

Client reviews give you the opportunity to find out if the divorce attorney you’re considering has performed well on pervious cases like yours or has done poorly and simply frustrated or upset previous clients with a lack of skill.

3. Find out what the fee arrangement options are

There are a number of options in how fees are generated so be sure to find out what method your divorce attorney plans to use.

4. Ask how your case will be billed: hourly or for a flat fee?

You may prefer one over the other, depending on your personal budget and goals for the proceedings; it’s best to ask upfront.

5. Talk to the attorney about response rates, particularly during a very stressful event

You should be reassured that the divorce attorney you plan to hire won’t be too busy to get back to you quickly during a stressful or emotional turn of events.

6. Has this attorney been trained in the collaborative process?

The collaborative process is one that uses mediation and negotiation to settle rather than litigation. If both parties are willing, a collaborative law divorce can be beneficial to the entire process.

7. Make sure all fee arrangements are in writing to eliminate the potential for misunderstanding

Even though you may feel that you’ve come to an agreement verbally with your divorce lawyer, it’s always best to see that agreement in writing so that there’s no question that you both agree.

At the Law firm of Scott M. Schweiger, we have more than 33 years of experience in all local courts and counties. We offer payment plans, flat fees, and reasonable hourly rates depending upon whether your case is simple or complex, contested or uncontested. We will return all calls within one business day or sooner.

Our goal is to provide quality legal services with a fee arrangement tailored to each client’s needs. We even provide “un-bundled” legal services for relatively simple cases in which we can assist the client in completing the complicated divorce forms and child support worksheets the court requires. This allows the client to file on their own with legal guidance for a fraction of the cost of full representation.

Please contact us to determine your best and most affordable options for your specific Divorce situation and receive a free evaluation.


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