How Can Motorcyclists Stay Safe On Roads

Every day many motor cycle riders face serious safety risk on the roads of US. There were above 4000 motorcycle accidents reported in OHIO alone in 2016. And because of these, there were 200 deaths. The statistics showed that those who did not wear helmets got into bigger troubles.

25 percent of the victims who faced serious injuries were wearing helmets, whereas 70 percent of them were not. This means there are 3 times more chances that severe casualties are not wearing helmets. We are all aware of the fact that helmets can reduce the severity of the injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents.

Apart from wearing a helmet, what helps the most is the skill of the rider. Your skills can drastically reduce the risk of meeting an accident.

Safe Riding Skills Are Important

There are some essential skills that are necessary for safety of the motorcyclists on road. These include Clutch and throttle control to assists in smoother down shifting and braking skills including a good combination of brakes to be deployed in each of the different situations. Braking skills are important because in an emergency situation the rider has to take care of his or her body weight, the balance and beware of the lock of tires during the braking. This all makes braking difficult to handle specific to the situation and the operation of the motorcycle.

Another important aspect of good motorcycling skills is the steering control. Because of the changing center of gravity during the ride especially at turns, the rider needs to be quite careful on how much to turn the steering. Even a little error can cause the motorcycle to topple during the turn. Therefore, it is essential for all the riders to learn the essential skills in the motorcycle education courses. Then continually make them better by practicing those skills on roads free of traffic. This experience will help them handle their motorcycles in the difficult situations.

If a Motorcycle Accident Happens, Who is Responsible?

Inexperienced motorcyclists, who lack essential skills, might usually be responsible for motorcycle accidents. This is the reason why most of the motorcyclists are only able to partially recover their injuries on claims, even though it was another driver who was actually at fault. This is why it’s important for the motorcyclists to keep their skills up to date and up to the mark. This will protect his or her rights to be compensated if another driver is at fault.

If the injury to a passenger in an accident was due to an inexperienced driver, a good attorney or law professional can help meet the unique needs of the riders in handling such claims and many other claims related to personal injury. Similarly, if you find yourself in such a situation where someone has caused you an injury or you were the reason someone else was injured, you should immediately contact Scott M. Schweiger.