Is Your Life or Your Lifestyle Worth More than $25,000?

It is a proven fact that 12.4% of Ohio drivers drive without insurance. Many of my clients tell me that they have full coverage. Full coverage, however, is only $25,000 per person $50,000 per incident in order to drive legally in the state of Ohio. If you are severely injured in an automobile accident and reduced to a wheelchair, $25,000 is all you will receive if the other party that hit you only carries the minimum required insurance by law.

Since the Tort Reform Act of 2014, insurance companies no longer have to tell you about under insured or uninsured motorist coverage. But that is exactly what you will need when an uninsured driver or an under-insured driver who only carries the state minimum hits you and you do not have additional coverage for yourself.

Before the Tort Reform Act, insurance companies were required to have you check off if you did not want uninsured or under-insured coverage and tell you about it. Now all they talk about is how much money they can save you on your monthly premiums.

While saving money is important, you almost cannot afford to not have additional uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage. A typical million dollar umbrella can cost as little as an extra $200 per year. Then, in the event of an accident that is very serious, you have insurance from which to recover. And automobile accident which renders you disabled to the point of being in a wheelchair and never being able to work again will seriously affect your life. $25,000 will not nearly compensate you for your losses. Don’t let this happen to you.

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