Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking accidents can be devastating. Just the sheer size of the vehicle make them a hazard. You should be aware that all trucking companies must comply with the Federal motor carrier safety regulations.

What most people need to understand is that the driver of the vehicle imputes liability to the carrier. This could involve equipment violations and/or maintenance records and logs. These need to be inspected by your attorney in order to determine the nature and cause of the accident.

Avoid making a mistake with your case

  • The Trailer is considered a motor vehicle.
  • Your case may involve where the trailer was stored if any repairs were made negligently and what maintenance program was in place.
  • The repair shop can be a defendant if repairs were negligently made.
  • The trucking company may be liable because it negligently hired or retained a problem driver.
  • What type of training was the driver given and what guidelines were in place?

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a truck, please contact our offices. We have experience in this area and can guide you through a difficult case to a successful conclusion.