Still paying for Christmas?

The lights have come down and the tree is packed, but the bills are only just starting to roll in.  Unfortunately, for most Americans living paycheck to paycheck, Christmas is an expensive occasion.  What may come once a year is paid for in monthly installments that can become overwhelming, despite our best intentions.

If you’re mountain of debt is piled higher than the ripped open wrapping paper, you are not alone.  Many people find holiday bills to be the final straw in an already unmanageable financial crisis.  Contrary to how it feels at the time, there are several options at your disposal to help you regain control of your finances.

Some people have guilt when considering bankruptcy, but many successful business men and women found it necessary to seek bankruptcy relief at one time in their career. Bankruptcy is not an “easy out,” as part of the process involves working with a government-approved credit counseling agency to see if repayment is an option.  However, when your situation can’t be resolved with credit counseling, bankruptcy is the logical choice for those overwhelmed with debt, bills, and collections calls.  Fear is another common response, but rest assured, filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily mean you will lose your possessions or never be able to own your own home.

If you are uncertain if bankruptcy is right for you, contact our office to schedule a free one on one consultation.  The first meeting is at no cost to you, and it’s relatively quick and painless.  We will review your situation and ask you to complete a Means Test. From there, we will be able to provide options specific to your circumstances, answer any questions you may have about what you stand to lose and, more importantly, what you stand to gain.

You may have a lot of doubts about the road ahead.  Don’t let that stop you from seeking the guidance of an experienced legal professional. Find a fresh start with the law office of Scott M. Schweiger.